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Press Releases

The purpose and format of the press release has changed substantially over the past two decades. I’ve written a few informative blog posts about how to write a press release as well as what to do with one once it’s done, so be sure to check those out if you’re interested in learning the basics.

Web Content Writing

Web content needs to be friendly in tone yet subtly persistent. Warm enough to draw you in but clear enough to make it known that what I’m selling you should be buying… and why. That is, if your message isn’t benefit-oriented, it’s just an antagonizing hard-sell.


“I know how I want it to sound,

I just don’t know how to say it.”


Sound familiar? You have the meaning and the means, but not the message. You need that fine-tuned, colorful language to give your project charisma, depth and impact.

If this is what you’re thinking, you’ve stumbled upon the right website.

If you already know the value of high-quality freelance writing or have a project in mind, click here to contact me. If you’re wondering how exactly my writing services can improve your company, here’s a quick rundown:

1. Save you time - However you slice it, writing is time-consuming. It’s much more than pounding out words in front of a Word document. There’s research, idea generation, editing, revising and publishing, not to mention creating fresh content and keeping the old up-to-date.

2. Cut costs - Your business probably doesn’t have the need for a full-time writer. Most don’t. The beauty of working with an independent contractor is you only pay for what you need, when you need it.

3. Discover and unleash your unique selling point (USP) - Even if you don’t think you have one against your competitors… I’ll help you determine what sets you apart and makes your product or service a must-have for your customers. Competitive points of difference will be hammered home and your branding will be carved in rock.

4. Give you perspective - Along with my writing talent, you’ll reap the broader benefit of independent outside counsel. I’ll bring you a unique, experienced outlook and a customer-focused insight.

5. Get you positive attention - Not only am I a pro writer who crafts messages that flow smoothly and clearly, but, more importantly, I’m an advertising copywriter. That means concepts will be based on sound strategic thinking. I have a formulaic blueprint for sales-raking success that I’ve used for 100+ diverse companies – everything from aerospace engineering and biomedical firms to non-profits and travel resorts.


 Are you guilty of any of these? Do you…

…think that the quality of the writing your business uses isn’t that influential?


Even if you’re a decent writer…

…never forget that there’s a huge difference between getting someone’s curiosity and getting someone’s business. Eloquent, flowery writing feels nice to read, but that doesn’t mean it precipitates action or actually changes anyone’s mind.

Investing in a freelance copywriter can and will get you results, however.

With a mountain of experience writing web content, blog posts and marketing collateral, I will give your business the critical edge it needs to build interest and close sales – quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

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