Weapons-Grade Copywriting & Blogging to Jet-Propel Your Business

Hiring a random stranger to directly represent your business is WEIRD

I get it. I really do.

You have to make sure I understand not only your brand, but also your target audience, your goals, and your trajectory toward those goals. It’s more than just penning flowery, interesting writing. It needs to precipitate action. You know, “be compelling.”

Let’s look at this whole process as less of a “blind date” and more of a chain reaction.

You show me your business, I get some ideas. You convey your strategy, I get some insights. You tell me about your target demographic, benchmarks and marketing medium, and I’ll sculpt some witty, informative and most importantly HIGH-CONVERTING messages that inject steroids and rocket fuel into your business.

Do you like numbers? Here are some of my career highlights:

• My video sales letter script for a male attraction/seduction course got an 11% conversion rate from an email blast to a group labeled as “unresponsive.”

• My direct sales letter for a newly-formed civil engineering firm made up of 5 freshly-graduated dudes got more than $3 million in contracts in one month.

• The sales/opt-in page I wrote for a 25-year-old boating club had 2 consecutive months of record-breaking conversions after using my work.


Here’s the thing about copywriting. Nobody reads ads. People read what interests them. Sometimes, those interesting things just happen to be ads.

Let’s stay away from blandvertising corporate-speak like “dynamic” and “streamline.” I’ll write the way your audience talks, and therefore sell to them the way they think.

THAT’S powerful copy.

Here’s the part where you contact me. Let’s get some more commas in that bank account of yours.